Cincinnati, Ohio False Claims Act law firm Helmer, Martins, Rice, & Popham, Co., L.P.A. is pleased to announce that Shareholder Erin M. Campbell’s blog post “Combatting the Reasonable Misinterpretation Defense In Coronavirus-Related False Claims Act Cases” has been published by Taxpayers Against Fraud as part of their work on Accountability for Covid-19 Fraud Scams.

You can read her and watch the video summary explanation on Taxpayers Against Fraud’s website.

Erin M. Campbell represents clients in federal False Claims Act cases and other complex civil matters. She enjoys speaking and writing on the False Claims Act. She is a longtime attorney member of Taxpayers Against Fraud.

The Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund is a public interest non-profit dedicated to fighting fraud against the government by incentivizing integrity. Through public-private partnerships, TAFEF advances the effectiveness of the False Claims Act and federal whistleblower programs to promote and protect the efficient use of taxpayer dollars.

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