Cincinnati, Ohio law firm Helmer, Martins, Rice & Popham, Co., L.P.A. is litigating a federal False Claims Act lawsuit on behalf of Dr. John Kramer, a dentist in Martins Ferry, Ohio against Dr. Robert Doyle, Complete Dental Care, and North American Dental Group. Dr. Kramer alleges these defendants knowingly submitted or caused the submission of false claims for payment to the Ohio Medicaid Program for dental procedures that were not medically necessary or that were performed by non-dentists who were not licensed to drill into teeth or perform root canals.

On March 19, 2020, USA Today, in conjunction with the investigative unit at Newsy (a fellow Scripps subsidiary), released the results of its extensive investigation into harmful and fraudulent practices at North American Dental Group, a defendant in Dr. Kramer’s unnecessary dental procedures case. The USA Today article explains that this reporting is the result of more than a year’s worth of work interviewing dozens of former NADG dentists, employees, and patients as well as thousands of pages of documents.

Quoting Dr. Kramer, the USA Today article explains that Dr. Kramer believes a lawsuit is the quickest way to stop this behavior. At Helmer, Martins, Rice & Popham, we proudly represent qui tam Relators like Dr. Kramer, who courageously come forward to report and help end fraudulent and harmful practices.

If you are a former employee or associate of Dr. Doyle, Complete Dental Care, or North American Dental Group, you are welcome to contact us; we’d like to talk to you.

Helmer Martins routinely represents whistleblowers in complex healthcare and other False Claims Act actions. If you are aware of fraud involving healthcare or government contracts, please contact us.

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