The False Claims Act, first signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863, is the principal weapon of the United States in fighting government contract false claims and fraud. It is so effective because it encourages people with knowledge of such practices to file a lawsuit in the name of the United States and share with the Government in the recovery. The False Claims Act was amended in 1986 to increase the ability of private citizen whistleblowers to effectively attack misconduct by government contractors.

In 2008, Congress again called on Helmer, Martins, Rice & Popham Co., L.P.A. to provide testimony to clarify portions of the False Claims Act which had been horribly misinterpreted by a few federal courts. See testimony from House of Representatives. Congress overwhelmingly approved numerous clarifying changes and President Barack Obama signed them into law on May 20, 2009.

This 20 foot bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln is the focal point of Cincinnati’s Lytle Park, near the downtown offices of Helmer, Martins, Rice, & Popham, Co., L.P.A. The statue was a gift to the citizens of Cincinnati from the Charles P. Taft family. (Mr. Taft’s brother was the only man ever to be both America’s President and later Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Mr. Taft’s son served as a United States Senator from Ohio as did his grandson. His great-grandson served two terms as Ohio’s Governor).

The statue was cast by George Barnard nearly 100 years ago at a cost of $100,000. Dedicated in March 31, 1917, it is one of only two known statues of President Lincoln without a beard. The statue’s imposing size and Lincoln’s gaunt features remarkably reflect his role in preserving the United States of America.

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