Cincinnati, Ohio False Claims Act law firm Helmer, Martins, Rice, & Popham, Co., L.P.A. is pleased to announce that the Cincinnati Bar Association has published an article by Erin M. Campbell in the May/June 2021 edition of its bimonthly journal, CBA Report.

Her article, “Safeguarding the Public Fisc by Protecting and Compensating Whistleblowers” discusses recent caselaw concerning whistleblower retaliation claims.  She explains the importance of protecting and rewarding whistleblowers due to the tremendous public service they provide, often in the face of great personal hardship.

You can read Ms. Campbell’s article on the Cincinnati Bar Association’s website.

Erin M. Campbell represents clients in federal False Claims Act cases and other complex civil matters. She enjoys speaking and writing on the False Claims Act. She is a longtime member of the Cincinnati Bar Association.

The Cincinnati Bar Association was founded in 1872.  It is an Ohio not-for-profit corporation, the members of which are attorneys principally practicing in Hamilton County, Ohio.  Its mission is to promote professional excellence, foster justice, serve its members and educate the public.

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