Case Summary

Working in Israel as a manager of overseas aircraft operations for General Electric, Chester L. Walsh discovered federal funds being shifted from government approved projects to unapproved projects. A powerful Israeli General was skimming huge sums into his personal accounts.

When the General encountered a whistleblower, he engaged a hit man to fix the problem. In addition, high ranking General Electric managers were also participating in the fraudulent scheme.

Mr. Walsh did not know who he could trust. He began collecting evidence, later hiding this evidence in his household furnishings when he was transferred to Switzerland. Learning of our firm’s fight with General Electric on behalf of Jack Gravitt from reviewing the Congressional Record, Mr. Walsh brought a qui tam action against General Electric. His case resulted in a $59.5 million civil settlement from General Electric. In addition, the company pled guilty to a four count criminal indictment, and it paid a $10 million fine. The United States also recovered over $11 million from a secret Swiss bank account. The Israeli Air Force General and a General Electric manager are both currently guests of their respective country’s penal institutions for their parts in the fraud schemes. Mr. Walsh was awarded 22.5% of the recovery.


False Claims Act


United States ex rel. Walsh v. General Electric Co.


C-1-90-792 (S.D. Ohio)

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