Case Summary

Raymond “Rudy” Anderson worked at a Johnson City, New York, facility, owned by General Electric Company and later sold to Lockheed Martin Corporation. The Johnson City facility produces Flight Control Electronics Sets containing Accelerometer Sensor Assemblies (“ASAs”) for F/A 18 Hornet Fighters—the Navy’s and Marine Corps’ primary attack fighters.

These ASAs fell far short of the Navy’s specifications and manufacturer certifications for controlling the effect of electromagnetic interference on flight computers.

In a False Claims Act case based on the defective ASA, Rudy Anderson’s qui tam counsel, Helmer, Martins, Rice & Popham, worked hand in glove with the Department of Justice and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. A settlement resulted in the correction of the electromagnetic interference protection problem and the recovery of $6.2 million plus the payment of attorney’s fees and costs. The United States rewarded Rudy Anderson for his efforts in correcting this wrong with an award of 20% of the $6.2 million recovery.


False Claims Act


United States ex rel. Anderson v. General Electric Co.


C-1-97-255 (S.D. Ohio)

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